School Management System

At NetEgypt we have developed a dynamic School Management System, featuring most common school modules to fit a wide range of educational institutes. Since in Egypt every new minister likes to change the school years, we at NetEgypt have managed to make our system a multi-school, multi-language, and multi-years to be customizable so we can meet every school, college and university need.

School Main Modules

  • Student Online Admission
  • Teachers' Grade Planner
  • Teachers Monthly Grades
  • School Communication using SMS, Emails, News
  • Administration Reporting System
  • Basic School Accounting
  • Busses Management
  • Library Management
  • Alumni Track
  • Attendance

School System Users

  • School Super Admin
  • School Teachers
  • School Students
  • Students Parents
  • School Grades Administrator
  • School Exams Administrator
  • School Attendance
  • Administrator
  • School Accountant